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Pagico is a task manager that allows you to plan and coordinate any medium or long term project using an intuitive interface that allows you to access all of your documents and files more quickly.

The program allows you to organize all of your information using a tree-shaped structure based on a system of tags. In this way, you can access all of the content that you're looking for without wasting time opening the folders and sub-folders you hate.

Pagico's dynamic calendar allows you to see a constant graphic representation of the tasks and projects that you have, as well as their current status. You will see if you've finished them or if you have yet to start them, or if you're halfway through. In addition, you can export all of that information to the iCal program with just a click of your mouse, and then transfer it to your iPhone or other mobile device.

Of course, Pagico also allows you to manage your contacts, add a level of security to your work using passwords, and link relevant documents if necessary. It's a whole business suite for entrepreneurs.

15 day trial.